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This is the story of Ignite Your Magic

Today we invite you to discover the power of our candles, your intention and a flame.

In 2019,  I embarked on a path to put intention, self-love and self-respect at the heart of everything I do. In this journey I noticed a need to help focus my energy in a dedicated practice. Now here is a little something you must know about me. I love candles, lotions and potions and using a candle was a perfect totem to help me connect with my vision, spirit and manifest my intentions. I want to share with you my love of luxury candles, lotions and potions.


Choose what works best for you or explore and try something new, then, use them daily or set an intention and watch the magic happen.


Each organic soy wax candle is hand-poured in small batches infused with amazing natural scents. Every flower, herb, and natural crystal are meticulously placed just for you! All candle ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced, vegan, and create a beautiful burn time of over 35 hours.


What makes our candles magic? In short, the intention that is waiting within YOU! But we start with a special prayer and set an intention of love and protection to amplify the spiritual properties curated by the ingredient blend that makes each candle powerful and beautiful. Our products are enchanted for you. Each candle vessel is submerged in spiritual baths, crystals are saged, and have a wisdom to help you manifest your intentions with the spark of a flame!


Magic is a desire made real.


Ignite Your Magic with the power of our candles, your intention and a flame.


100% Natural Vegan • Soy Wax • Eco Cotton Wick • Ships Internationally

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