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1. Why do you use soy wax for your candles?

There are green advantages for choosing soy wax. They burn slower, cleaner and your candles will last longer.


2. Are your candles locally produced?

Yes, each candle is hand poured and decorated in Sweden.


3. Do you use essential oils or fragrance oils?

Ignite Your Magic uses fragrance oils. Fragrance oils produces a better scent throw, which means each candle fills your room with deliciously magical scents.

4. How are your products ecological?

At Ignite Your Magic, we choose the highest quality products that are produced organically. Our flowers are produced and dried on a farm. The wicks are organic cotton and the tins and crystal can be recycled for your daily use.


5. Will the flowers and crystals catch on fire?

Great question! First and foremost, remember the Golden Rule to burning a candle- never leave a burning candle unattended. Second, it takes one hour, depending on the size of the candle, to have a complete melt pool. That mean that the entire circumference of the candle will have a layer of about 1/4 of an inch liquid wax. When this happens, the melted wax will cover the flowers and crystals, therefore minimizing burning hazards.


6. Why is the candle wax burning unevenly?

Your intention vessel is filled with magical crystals and flowers. At times the height and weight of these items can make the candle wax melt unevenly. The remedy to this- take your vessel to the kitchen sink and gently give the vessel a quick swirl until you see that wax become even. The heat of the melted wax will smooth over the unevenness of the candle or use a tooth pick to gently push down the sides of the melting wax.

7. How are your products delivered?

The products are delivered through Postnord, UPS or DHL to your home or pick up point. 

8. What is the delivery cost?

Delivery is free for orders of more than 499 SEK and 99 SEK for orders below 499 SEK.

8. We restock our inventory every Thursday!! 



100% Natural Vegan • Soy Wax • Eco Cotton Wick • Ships Internationally

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